Artist CV

 Jin Hee Kwak

Curriculum Vitae

Bio: Jin Hee Kwak is a gender non conforming multidisciplinary visual artist, performer, and community events organizer. Jin uses they/them/theirs pronouns. They were born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and are based out of New York City, NY.


  2018:     California College of the Arts
5212 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94618
        Continuing Education Course in 2D and 3D Animation

2015: School of Visual Arts
209 E 23rd Street
New York City, NY, 10010
Obtained a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Visual and Critical Studies

2009: City College of San Francisco
50 Frida Kahlo Way
San Francisco, CA 94112
Courses in Film Production, Asian American Studies, and Queer Cinema


January 2017
Artist in Residence at Chinatown Soup Fellowship, Chinatown Soup Gallery and Studios
16B Orchard Street
Manhattan, NY 10002

Select Group Exhibitions: 

2015 - “Carnivalesque” - School of Visual Art’s Flatiron Gallery, Manhattan, NY

2015 - “Reply All” - School of Visual Art’s Flatiron Gallery, Manhattan, NY

2015 - “People’s Choice Grand Salon Show” - Greenpoint Gallery. Brooklyn, NY 

2015 - “Post Card Show” - Con Artist Gallery. Manhattan, NY

2015 - “Futurotica I” - Con Artist Gallery. Manhattan, NY

2015 - “Masks” - Studio106. Los Angeles, CA 

2016 - “EKG’s 2nd Annual All Hallows’ Valentine’s Eve: A Celebration of Dark Love and Bright Minds” - Con Artist Gallery, Manhattan, NY

2016 - "Group Erotic Art Show" - Living Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 

2016 - "Vagabondage" - Club 409, Savannah, GA 

2016 - "New Age Feminism Group Art Show" - World Money Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 

2016 - Untitled - Hairy Guppy Pop Up Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2016 - "Fatter IRL" - Pfizer Factory, Brooklyn, NY

2017 - "Suckadelic Valentine Suck Salon" - Sucklord Studios, Manhattan, NY 

2017 - "Paper Jazz Showcase" - Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, NY 

2017 - "Soup Residents and Lovers Vol. 1"- Chinatown Soup, Manhattan, NY 

2017 - “Waves to Live By” - Lump Gallery/Projects, Raleigh, NC 

2017 - “Seeing You See Me” - Miranda Guo Gallery, Manhattan, NY 

2017- Untitled - Superchief Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 

2017 - Untitled - TrollHole Bookstore and Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 

2018 - New York Art Book Fair with YELLOW JACKETS COLLECTIVE, Long Island City, NY

2018 - QTZ/ QUEER ARTS FESTIVAL with DISCLAIMER, AS220 Providence, RI 

2019 - Feminist Zine Fair, Manhattan, NY

2019 - Euphoria Trans Visibility Day by Vice Media, Brooklyn, NY

2019 - Beyond Studios with DISCLAIMER GALLERY by Paper Mag and Posture Live, Brooklyn, NY

Solo Exhibitions:

2016 Solo Exhbition, "Vaginal Vortex" - Disclaimer Gallery. Brooklyn, NY

2018 - Duel Show, “Needles Matter” - Chinatown Soup, Manhattan, NY

Performances and Live Readings:

2017 - “My Body Not State Property - Stories and Poems About Reclamation”, Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, Manhattan, NY

2018 - Needle Play Demonstration with ALLIJIN  for Wildflower Sex, Brooklyn, NY

2018 - Needle Play Performance with ALLIJIN for Onegaishimasu, Brooklyn, NY

2018 - Rope Demonstration and Collaborative Performance with ELSZ for SNAXPRESSO, Brooklyn, NUY

2018 - Impact Play, Fruit Hashtag DEMO for Onegaishimasu, Brooklyn, NY

2018 - Needle Performance with ALLIJIN for NFFYP, Brooklyn, NY

2019 - Needle Performance for Math Magazine Issue Release, Brooklyn, NY

2019 - Needle Participatory Demonstration for Slaysian Dynasty Residency, RECESS ART, Brooklyn, NY 

2019 - This Queer Kitchen, Phluid Project, Manhattan, NY

2019 - Art Body Politic, Brooklyn, NY

2019 - Alternative Modes of Penetration - MoMa PS1, Long Island City, NY

2019 - SWGC Fundraising Benefit Fruit Impact Performance, Brooklyn, NY

Curatorial/Arts Events Organizing Projects:

2016 - "I am a Beautiful Monster" - Ivanesa Luna's Solo Photography Exhibit, Disclaimer Gallery, Brooklyn, NY  

2017 - “Anxiety Sex” - Charlotte Greene’s Solo Mixed Media Exhibit, Disclaimer Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2018 - “Objectumsexuality and Lactic Acid”- a Solo Exhibit by Tiffany JaeYon Shin”, Disclaimer Gallery, NY


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School of Visual Arts’ VCS Blog:


2017 Artist Talk, School of the Visual Arts, New York, NY March 23.

Awards and Fellowships

2019 - Third Wave Fund’s Sex Worker Giving Circle Fellow